Followed by.13The old lady who went to the hard seat to chat in the lower bunk returned to her bunk accompanied by her family.Quickly put on the quilt and go to sleep.

The carriage has become much quieter.Many passengers have gone to bed in the upper bunk.Li Tianzhen, look at the time it is 8:50 in the evening.The lights will be turned off in more than half an hour.He is going to clean up and take a nap.But at this time.Messy footsteps came from the quiet carriage.Argue.There are as many as five or six people.
quickly.A few people here12Shop No. stopped.Li Tianzhen stretched his head and took a look.Standing in front of the shop is the policeman who had been here not long ago.Holding a fashionable young man in his hand.But the owner of that travel bag.A flight attendant and two young and sturdy boys followed behind them.
[See clearly.Is this your bag?“The police officer looked grim.The tone is also quite harsh.
Hipster youth look at travel bag.Not say a word.
[It’s his.I carried it on the bunk when I got in the car.The car we were in together.Several travelers around have also seen it.“Do not sleep.Scenic13The upper berth interposed enthusiastically on the side.
The policeman turned his head and glanced at the middle-aged man.And shouted at the fashionable youth.[You better be honest.Carry this bag.Follow us.“
Fashionable youth looks up slightly.I happened to see Li Tianzhi.A fierce light flashed in his eyes.Soon returned to normal.Reluctantly raised his arm and took down the travel bag.
[Let’s go.“The police commanded.Then drag the fashionable young man back on his way.Two strong guys followed closely.The flight attendant waved his hands with a few surprised passengers around.[It’s okay.It’s okay.Take a good rest everyone.Night careful.“
[What did the little guy do?“13The upper berth obviously can’t let go of gossip.Caught the conductor in a few steps.
[Not clear yet.Seems to be a net escape.“The conductor is not willing to be wordy.Ignore each other.Quicken the pace and walk away soon.
[Chat“The man returned sadly.I saw that there were still a few curious travelers next door.Immediately came the spirit.I sat down and opened the chatterbox.[Net escape know?Wanted online.Such people are generally habitual offenders.Principal offender.The current network is incredible.Just flee to the horizon.I can also live with you.“
[I didn’t see it.Such a fugitive from the net will appear next to us.“One person chipped in.