“Went out for dinner。”Chen Wenjin added:“You can call him。”

“what,I’ll use the phone。”The woman said,Pick up the phone on the desk,Dialed,moment,Turn on,The woman said:“Director Chen,I’m in your office,Met your son。Oh,Ok,Then you are busy,I’ll come back this afternoon。”
hang up the phone,The woman smiled and asked Chen Wenjin if he had dinner,I heard he ate,Just sit down and chat with him。
Chen Wenjin looks a little strange about this woman,The content of the call just now also shows something wrong,I heard her ask about his mother’s work and whether his family is okay,He just smiled and said:“pretty good,My parents used to have a bad relationship,This year is getting better and better,My dad often volunteered to give my mom money since he was promoted,And told her to stop working and play at home,He pays my mom。I didn’t want to talk to my dad before,Watching him and my mom get better,I kissed him too,Also told him how I feel,He has a good relationship with my mother,My sister and I treat them well,My dad said that’s great,He has to treat my mother better。”
“Your brothers and sisters are really interesting,At a young age, I will care about adults。I also heard that Director Chen’s relationship with your mother is not very good,I heard that there was a divorce,How come it’s all right suddenly?”The woman’s focus is obviously not right。
“How is divorce possible?My dad is not stupid,Have children and daughters,Divorced my son and daughter blame him for the wrong party,Don’t recognize him anymore,Even if he has children with others,In the future, half-parents will fight each other,My sister’s temperament is scary,Maybe someday I got an impulse to choke the child he had with someone else,By then he will die the youngest,Daughter goes to jail again,The wife who married later can’t accept divorce again,My mother and I think it’s his fault,I’m lonely when I’m old,A template for life’s tragedy!He certainly wouldn’t do such a stupid thing,My dad never said about divorce,He told me how many times,Divorce is impossible,I will persuade him this year,Since I never thought about divorce,Then be nice to my mom,How good he is to my mother,We treat him well,Fix the atmosphere of the home together,The effect is pretty good at this stage。”Chen Wenjin,Look at the time,Still early,Just say:“Aunt,I want to take a nap,Are you waiting for my dad here or?”
“No more,I’ll come back this afternoon,Let’s go first, Xiao Chen。”The woman smiled and went out。
‘Nothing is best,You can’t have a fight with my dad if something happens,Looking back to see if my father’s mood is suddenly abnormal.……’Chen Wenjin thought so,Tool found,Do not open the lockable drawer of Master Chen’s desk。
Loose wood,Old,The exterior paint is often peeling off,The shape of the wood board has changed over the years under the influence of heat expansion and contraction and moisture,The screwdriver should not be able to lift up a large gap,The bolt can be pulled out directly。
Chen Wenjin turned over the contents,I saw him and Chen Qian in a notebook,And a photo of his mother when she first came to Shenzhen。
Chen’s mother has high value,From young to a few years ago,The face and body have always been other people’s wives in the eyes of Chen’s colleagues and friends。
I have gradually gained weight in the past two years,Out of shape。
There is nothing suspicious in the first drawer with lock。
Chen Wenjin opened the second one,Open a paper box,There are some new office supplies,There is a box……Indescribable supplies。
Chen Wenjin watched the number,opened,Used。
‘No wonder mom doesn’t trust you,As a husband you are really untrustworthy。’Chen Wenjin tore open all the sealed indescribable items and threw them in the paper box,And then close the drawer again。
When it’s almost a bit,Chen Wen is leaving now。
‘I have to do it again this afternoon anyway,I won’t go to the securities department……’Chen Wenjin is waiting for a taxi on the side of the road,Big bear suddenly drove to the side of the road,When the window is down,I saw him waving and saying:“Get in the car!You guys are very destined!”