Some people followed……
“Donal,Your specialMIs right!”
“That’s too right,These damn capitalists,Is bullying our workers!”
“We should unite,Get the union organized,Strive for our rights from the company!”
“Yes!We want to unite!Go to the union!”
“Yes,Go to the union!”
Looking at the exciting scene in front of me,Brastec scratched his head,I always feel like something is wrong:Why did it suddenly become like this??
Bussenmac is high spirited!
I didn’t even use myself to come forward,F70Of the workers“spontaneous”Lai’s labor union asked his own union chairman for help,According to Bussenmark,This is what a union should look like:Look at the American Federation of Auto Workers、Look at the American Aviation Industry Workers Federation,That is the existence of daring to wrestle with the capitalists,Look at these unions in Europe……
Busenmark himself felt ashamed of the union。
now,The energetic Busenmark holds his arms,Looking at Anthony with a staring look·Fokker:“Mr. Fokker,This time,I represent Falkland-All worker brothers of United Aviation Technology,Let you know something。”
“You said。”Anthony·Fokker nodded,Facing the proud and almost arrogant Busemak,Anthony·Fokker’s expression can even be said to be calm。
Watching Anthony·Fokker look,Bussenmark is getting more proud:“It is your right to sell shares and introduce new shareholders,But you have to‘Not lay off any worker,And not directly or in a disguised way to reduce workers’ wages and benefits’This one is written into the cooperation framework,Otherwise, our workers’ federation will organize everyone to defend our own interests with the various rights granted to us by the law.。”
Busenmark’s voice fell off,The doglegs behind him also clamored:“Yes,We don’t care what you do,But you must guarantee the rights of our workers。”
“The law gives us workers the right to know。”