Two people holding hands,Lying in the pool,Let the water waves keep pushing,Looking at the hazy figure across the glass,Listening to each other,Talking about the bits and pieces in my heart,Before you know it, the alarm clock rang。

“Hate you,Trick me to take a bath at noon,Going to be late。”When Xiao Xiao cleaned up and went out,See time is tight,Can’t help but rush,She hasn’t been late yet。
“Too late,I have counted the time。”Chen Wenjin sees her worried,Directly carry her downstairs,The car parked on the roadside outside the complex,Just to be faster。
Xiao Xiao was carried by him,To see him running out of the community,Just say:“Don’t be so hurry,I come down and walk by myself。”
“Freshly washed incense,Sweat after running a few steps,I’m holding time。”Chen Wenjin looked at the time while driving,said laughingly:“Too late,Definitely green light all the way。”
The car went through three small intersections,Really all green,Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but wonder:“You remember the time?”
“Send it and remember it。”Chen Wen drove outside the school today,Look at the time,Two and a half minutes left,Just enough for Xiao Xiao to go upstairs at normal speed。
Xiao Xiao kissed him happily,I think Chen Wenjin is reliable,The noon time is clearly arranged from beginning to end,She didn’t miss class,She only remembered when she got off the car and said:“Gu chatted at noon,After school in the afternoon, my dad sent a car to pick him up,Said to let me meet that sister tonight,I might be able to call you later。”
“To understanding。”Chen Wenjin can’t say more,I’m afraid Xiao Xiao will be late for a while。
Xiao Xiao is also worried about being late,So walking faster than normal,Entered the classroom and sat down,The bell rang after twenty seconds。
Wang Shuai stand up,I saw Chen Wenjin still drinking cold drinks outside the school,Can’t help but think with a smile:‘The time card is so good。’
Wang Shuai wants to skip class,He doesn’t know if he was addicted to skipping classes before,But thinking about not asking for leave,I’m still afraid that his father knows the blame,To destroy his carefully maintained maturity、sensible、Steady impression,Certainly not worth it。
just,Wang Shuai watched Chen Wenjin drinking a second bottle of Coke,I can think of his icy and comfortable look at this moment,So I admired his freedom of time arrangement。
Chen Wenjin thinks Xiao Xiao is not free at night,He didn’t think of running around in the afternoon,I went back to play a game,I’ll accompany Chen’s mother and Chen Qian to dinner and watch a movie at night。
Unavoidably, I listened to Mother Chen complaining about how Master Chen didn’t stay home,I hate iron but not steel:“Your dad doesn’t know who was tricked into tasting wine,I came back and bought a bottle of imported wine for more than 5,000 yuan!I said he was crazy,I have been paid for three months for buying a bottle of wine,He also scolded me for not knowing how to enjoy,Don’t understand the wine culture,No taste at all!What taste?Isn’t he just being obedient and coaxing him to pay!I said he wouldn’t listen,I also said that my countryman had knowledge,Said that my salary was not as good as not going to work,I don’t need my money at home……”