At the very beginning,That is when the two of them first met,Isn’t that man who looks down on him??

What a long time this is,How can the attitude change so much??
“Is not,Are we familiar?”Xiao Fan asked inexplicably。
Although Xiao Fan’s remarks seem very rude,But,For people who haven’t left a good impression on themselves before,Xiao Fan has never been merciful or merciful.。
So,For those who know Xiao Fan,He could say such unkind words to that man,It seems that there is nothing to understand。
only,That’s only for people who know Xiao Fan,It is clear,That man does not belong to this category。
So,After hearing a response from Xiao Fan,The man was just stunned for a while。
but,In his mind, he had a certain understanding and guess about the identities of Xiao Fan and Lin Yooner through some previous things.。
so,He is naturally not angry or unhappy。
After the man froze for a moment,He just nodded and said to Xiao Fan:“That one.That we met for the first time,Of course it’s not very familiar。”
“Not familiar with,You still stop me like this,Isn’t it a bit rude?!”Xiao Fan raised his eyebrows and said。
“what.what!?Correct,Correct,Correct,You are right。”After saying that to Xiao Fan,The man introduced himself directly:“Mr,I am from Cheng Qian Company,Cheng Jianghai, the chairman of Chengqian Company, is my father!”
“Oh?It turned out to be Cheng Jianghai’s son!I said at the very beginning,How can I have such a strong confidence to talk to my wife like that?。”Xiao Fan raised his eyebrows and said。
Yes,Xiao Fan knows Cheng Jianghai,only,This Chengqian Group has only recently become a top class society。