Long Ba hehe laughed,Honest Zhong is also cunning。

Lagon smiled and shook his head,I don’t plan to talk nonsense with Long Ba,Hand it out,Stepped heavily on Dragon Ba’s breastbone。
Hit people often,Often beaten,Just listen to the sound,Long Ba can tell that his sternum is also cracked。
Took a breath,Suppressed all the pain,The pistol and dagger full of bullets were held in the hand by Ryuba。
Without warning,Raising your hand is two shots,And while hiding in Lagong,Long Ba is also in front of him,The dagger is aimed at Lagon’s key。
There is no denying that Ragon is strong,And because of Dragon Ba’s injury,Don’t talk about hurting Lagong,Lagon didn’t even scratch his body。
Somewhat disappointed,But thinking that I have lost some time,Long Ba is also quite satisfied,After all, I don’t have much hope for myself。
The bullets in the pistol have been discharged,Never thought I could leave alive,Long Ba simply lost the gun of his phone。
Rushed to Lagong again,The arced dagger still didn’t hurt Lagon at all,But Long Ba is a small swinging leg by Rajon,Kicked nosebleeds。
“I have no other hobbies,Just like to see others desperate!”
Lagon smiled cruelly,I seem to appreciate Long Ba’s desperate expression now。
Probably everyone will be like this,And Ragon just wasted a little time,Let yourself be more pleasant to follow。
“Don’t be so confident,Watch out for capsize in the gutter!”
Long Ba wiped his nosebleeds several times,But nothing can stop the bleeding,Finally gave up。
I can’t remember how long I haven’t felt this way,Maybe the last time I was running for the Dragon Team,I feel the blood is burning like this。
Watching Lagong’s raging smile,The blood-stained smile on Long Ba’s face is a bit miserable。
Feel it,The pain in my body makes my breathing a little difficult,Long Ba deliberately took a few deep breaths,Make the body pain worse,For sobriety。
Same person,I’m not a rival of Lagon,This was originally a kind of irony to Long Ba,these years,Really too proud。Did not boil,No decadent life,Just live the day and repeat the day seriously。
Finally adjusted my state,Rare blood once,I just miss that tall,I always like my little girl!