[Can lotus seeds be frozen in the refrigerator]_Refrigeration_Impact

[Can lotus seeds be frozen in the refrigerator]_Refrigeration_Impact

The refrigerator uses the principle of low temperature to achieve the best freshness preservation of the ingredients, and the refrigerator, a household appliance, is basically implemented in every household.

After purchasing the lotus seeds to go home, if the preservation method is improper, the lotus seeds will lose a lot of water, and the taste of the lotus seeds will become bad at this time.

So for those who like to eat lotus seeds, they must learn the correct way to save lotus seeds, but can lotus seeds be stored in the refrigerator?

Can fresh lotus seeds be frozen in the refrigerator? Keep the fresh lotus seeds dry after peeling them. Keep them fresh in the refrigerator. You can seal them with plastic wrap to keep them fresh longer. Before eating, place them in the middle of the three linesThat cut can easily open the lotus seeds into two even halves, and then take out the lotus heart for tea, you can go to the fire, lotus seeds for porridge and soup are very delicious, older lotus seeds eatWill be more powdery and more fragrant.

If you do n’t have a refrigerator, you can only use the sun-drying or air-drying method, otherwise it is easy to get moldy and stinky. Soak the water in the water before eating to make the lotus seeds full and expand, and you can eat it according to the fresh lotus seeds.It can also be used as medicinal herbs.

I have been eating lotus seed porridge recently. When I want to eat, I take out some lotus seeds and eat them, so that the lotus seeds will be very fresh.

Fresh lotus seeds preserved 1.

The lotus seed rice with the shell is still inside the shower. In this case, you can put the shower in a plastic bag, and then sprinkle water into the bag, so that the shower is glued with water drops, then fasten the bag, and then put it in the refrigerator freezer.Refrigerate.

Because the bonsai will be larger and fluffy, it will take up more space in the refrigerator!

This method can preserve the lotus seed rice for 3-5 days, but it is still very tender, but the outer circle of the lotus flower may be blackened to varying degrees, but it does not affect the taste of the lotus seed rice inside.

If you find that lotus seed rice tastes getting older, eat it right away.


The lotus seeds with the shell of the showerhead have been removed. In this case, they need to be packed in a bowl or a tray, and the surface is sprinkled with water and refrigerated.

The initial freshness time is about 2-4 days. The green shell of the lotus seeds will grow longer over time, and will continue to become black. The texture of the lotus seeds will gradually become old and hard.

So it should not be kept for long.


The lotus seed rice whose green lotus seed shell has been peeled off. In this case, it is recommended to eat it within one hour. If you ca n’t finish the food, put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate.Not as sweet as before.

How to eat fresh lotus seeds is delicious. For people who can withstand the taste of fresh lotus seeds, you can peel the skin of the lotus seeds and eat them directly. Although the taste is bitter, it is rich in nutrients and retains the fresh lotus seeds to the greatest extent.The nutritional content is the most likely for the body, and it is also very convenient to eat, eliminating the processing time and steps.

Boiled sugar water Fresh lotus seeds boiled sugar water is also a more common way of eating. It is most suitable for boiling sugar water with tremella, wolfberry, red dates, rock sugar and other ingredients. It has the effect of beauty and soothe.

It is also very good to cook fresh lotus seeds with mung beans, rice, etc. After cooking the porridge, add the peeled and cored fresh lotus seeds and cook for about 5 minutes until the lotus seeds are soft and rotten.Lotus seeds are more difficult to save. The more effective method is to freeze them in the refrigerator, but the storage time is not long. The better method is to dry the fresh lotus seeds first, so that the storage time can be longer.

Some dried lotus seeds on the market are added with sulfur treatment, mainly to prevent insects from smashing, but it is not good for human health.