2021, national community education, advancement and results display activities held in Xing’an League

  On July 15th, the 2021 national community education work promotion and results showcase was held in Xing’an League.

From the Ministry of Education Community Education Research and Training Center, the National Open University and the field of community education in all regions of the country fully exchanged, inspected research, brainstorming, focusing on the key, difficulties, "card neck" issues in the development of community education, proposing solutions, During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, urban and rural community education integrated development, the balanced development of the East and Western region, the high quality development of community education.

  During the meeting, many experts scholars conducted a chairman, regarding the main ideas and graphics of community education in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, integrated resources to form a multi-cooperation collaborative governance system of community education, and do a good job in training training in community education workers. Discuss and communicate. The two-day outcomes show four themes, including the third party building leading to the Third Party Construction of Xing’an League to lead the community education and literary exhibition, "Community education full of eye spring" special film, Xing’an League Old Open University Calligraphy Painting Photography Exhibition, Wulante City Area Three communities view, fully show the results of Xing’an League community education. In recent years, Inner Mongolia Open University is fully integrated, reasonable use of local resources, explores the new model of community education into community governance, solid promoting community education in ethnic regions, in helping rural resolution, community education workers training, promotion Inheriting the red culture, etc. have made outstanding results. Inner Mongolia Radio and Television University, Xing’an League, has always adhered to characteristic development, carefully cultivated community education brands, focusing on the "Revolutionary Traditional Culture" "Family Education" "Family Education" "Family Education" "Non-legacy Inheritance" and other brand projects, build up From the three-level urban and rural community universities, 16 township street community schools, 123 community education and teaching points, the created "Community Lecture Hall" and "Elderly Centralized Learning Base" have been educated The Association, Inner Mongolia Occupation and Adult Education Association awarded the title of "Lifelong Learning Brand Project".

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