Wang Degui didn’t expect Song Fang to say so,But he still asked unwillingly:“Please elder wife,Have you figured it out?”

“Must have figured it out,But you still have to decide on this”Song Fang smiled,She glanced at Wang Youcai when she said this。
Wang Youcai already understands what Song Fang is going to say,So he followed Song Fang’s words and said to dad:“dad!Dasao rarely goes home once,Moreover,She sits in the office all year round,She never has to do anything about cooking。So stop talking about it”
“Bastard!Have you talked?”Wang Degui didn’t expect Wang Youcai to become so fast。And also stand on the same front with his sister-in-law,Can this keep him from getting angry?
Song Fang laughed and said:“Don’t say these are useless。dad!I married Youfa,You didn’t give us anything,How about this!Give us any piece of Xichuanhe!I want to build some rooms for us”
“what?Where is Xichuan River??Wouldn’t you say which wasteland opposite the vegetable shed?!”Listen to Wang Degui,Asked a little surprised。
Song Fang said with a sweet smile:“dad!Which wasteland。You give it to us!”Song Fang’s mouth is extra sweet,Dad。 This surprised Wang Degui。
“Where is a bit far from the village,And the ground is full of stones,Where do you want to?”Wang Degui was a little puzzled to ask。
Song Fang took a breath and said:“Jin Wo Yin Wo is not as good as its own dog kennel。I want to build a house for us,Wait to live in it in the future”Song Fang said this,Wang Degui couldn’t help but widen his eyes。
First1769chapter Vicious woman
? Wang Youcai was anxious when he heard it,What does Song Fang mean?I just said it well,Lao Wang’s family is doing this business together,I changed my taste as I said it now。
“Hey sister-in-law!There seems to be a problem with what you said,The more I listen, the more I don’t understand”Wang Youcai said this quickly,Otherwise, wait for Song Fang’s conspiracy to succeed,He’s too late。
Wang Degui ignored Wang Youcai’s words,But rushed to say:“Didn’t you rent a house in the city??Moreover,The place to live in the factory is also big。And this yard,Isn’t there a house issued too??Where to live。If you really want to build another courtyard house,There is also a place in the village!”
“Oops dad!The village asks for the place and asks for money,Also troublesome。Wouldn’t we save a lot of handling fees when we build a house on our own land?。We like quiet,You give us this piece of land,It’s a wasteland anyway,Idle is idle”Song Fang was very polite。
Wang Youcai is in a hurry,He stood up anxiously。But he wanted to interrupt but couldn’t,Wang Degui glared at him and said:“Stop talking,Isn’t this house all yours??If your sister-in-law really wants this land,Just for her”
“Not dad。I can’t give this land to Dasao,This is the land of our three brothers,How can you leave him alone?”Wang Youcai was anxious,And said loudly。
Wang Degui’s eyes widened and roared:“Bastard,What three brothers。Your second brother’s registered permanent residence has long since moved from our house,So anything in the house,Have nothing to do with him。You watched this house built,Then it’s yours。Since your sister-in-law wants this wasteland,Then give it to her。I have the final say,you shut up”