And in the chat group at this time,Crowded。

Flower pity:Hee hee,Sister Yun Yun did this,Too second。
Tony:Thus,Yunlanzong has done enough etiquette。
Shen Ziyao:People like the Xiao family don’t care about the occasion,Just the younger generation,The same goes for the older generation,If it’s not a lucky son,Will eventually become more and more desolate。
Wu Xing:The family has this situation,Means it’s over。Fortunately, the angels are different,We are all united and friendly,Thanks to my wife’s management,It’s hard for her to think about it now。
Watching the group leader’s speech,At first everyone didn’t think there was anything,But what the hell is the last two sentences?Completely blinded their new understanding of the group leader!This show of affection has come to the chat group?
Unexpectedly, you are such a big group leader!
shock!The ninth-order boss of the chat group turned out to be a wife control!!!
but,These members are okay,Nothing is more uncomfortable than Hexi now,It seems to have suffered 10,000 points of critical damage。
I was sprinkled with dog food yesterday,No complaints,I had to run to the chat group and lick the wound silently,But I didn’t expect that after joining the chat group, I still didn’t escape.!
Ok,Hexi is extremely uncomfortable,I have the heart to want to die,of course,If you can die。。。
I saw a group of people sent a bunch of symbols,Hexi even gave a few big exclamation marks,Wu Xing could not help but be inexplicable,He just felt good after seeing the situation of the Xiao family。