at last,Those Korean uncles who woke up like dreams shouted:“Sorry!Sorry!”

“We were wrong!Let go of Mr. Mo!”
“We apologize!misunderstanding,All misunderstandings!”
At this moment,People from Moyu’s public relations department also arrived,They had such a big battle at first sight,Bend down quickly,Repeated apologies。
“misunderstanding,All misunderstandings!They are guests from China,I’m here to interview Manager Nan Tianyu。”
“The guests,Please stop,We guarantee that nothing rude will happen again。Please stop!”Several girls in the public relations department screamed。
Lu Menglin coldly,Seeing the Koreans on the spot, all the expressions of pleading,Then frowned:“What do they say?”
Xiao Cai looked shocked,Muttered:“They are asking you to let go,They have apologized。”
“Let go?This guy seems to be hated!I’ll let go!”Lu Menglin was stunned for a moment,Stunned。
“Do not,Not let go,Is to let go!Sorry,It’s my fault,Expressed wrong!”Xiao Cai hurriedly waved his hand。
This time Lu Menglin finally understood,Plus, I also smelled an unpleasant show on the fat man·taste,So he pulled him back with disgust,Let go,Mr. Mo, who has a low-mouthed mouth, has been directly limp to the ground,Like mud,Completely shocked。
Seeing that the other party finally let go of Mr. Mo,Korea in the corridor
The men suddenly became a little eager to move。
Someone has called the security guard,More people turned their attention to another tall and strong man。
He is Li Xiuji from the planning department,Taekwondo six stages,Tall and mighty,I always think of myself as a master,Violence in the company now,The ordinary employees thought of him for the first time。
Li Xiuji clearly felt the look everyone was expecting,He is also looking at the other’s body shape,Estimated strength。
The other party looks just a handsome boy,Although not low,But the muscles are obviously not strong by themselves,The two shots that knocked down Mr. Mo just now,In Li Xiuji’s opinion,More by surprise,Not really good。
only,He doesn’t want to play with each other!Because he is often bullied by Mr. Mo,That guy relies on his status as a senior in the company,Always molested yourself,In order to prove to the girls that there is nothing great about kung fu,Or power is more attractive。
Li Xiuji saw that Mr. Mo was so frightened by the kid that he peeed his pants,I don’t know how good it is,At this time, he didn’t want to jump out to grow up for Mr. Mo!