[Anhui snack ranking]_ species _ ranking

[Anhui snack ranking]_ species _ ranking

Anhui is a relatively familiar city for many people. The environment in Anhui is very good, and it also has a lot of beautiful scenery. Many people like to play in Anhui. In addition to the beautiful scenery, there are also many special snacks.The snacks with Anhui characteristics not only have a long history, but also have a very good taste. They also rank very high in Anhui and are very popular with everyone.

Anhui snacks ranked siu mai, this is one of the traditional names of Wuhu, with a long history.

However, it can be seen in many places. For this snack, some people do not like it and feel very tired, while others like it very much, so this is still a matter of taste.

The method is to add pork leg meat, pork suet, amaranth or green cabbage tender leaves, but now most of the methods are using glutinous rice. After the filling of the meat is processed with meat oil, the meat and glutinous rice are completed.After the kneading, the skin is thin and the skin is a little thicker. It cannot be like dumplings, otherwise it will easily rot, so that the soup inside will flow out and finally steamed.

Such a scented burning wheat is out.

Huainan mutton soup, together with beef soup, is Huainan double.

There is a mutton soup every night on Xueyuan North Road, and the business is particularly hot, showing the influence of mutton soup in Huainan.

The mutton soup in Fengtai County of Huainan City is relatively famous, and the mutton soup in Zhumadian Town is the most popular in Huainan City.

In the preparation of mutton soup, the principle is similar to that of beef soup, but there are obvious differences between mutton slices and meat miscellaneous. Generally, the store will ask you if you want fans and bean cakes and cabbage. At this time, according to your taste, you wantSay that as long as the meat is okay, others may treat you as a fool, haha, after the hot soup is soaked, the aroma of the whole lamb will be displayed without any taste, which is special fresh, taste andIt’s a bit heavy. For special meals, there are usually okonomiyaki. It takes two okonomiyaki to drink a bowl of mutton soup on a cold night, which is really cool.

Huangshan yakitori, many people should have seen him in fast food, because the production line has begun.

Also known as “crab shell yellow sesame cake”, “save driving sesame cake”, “Huangyin sesame cake”, is a traditional famous food of the Han nationality in Huizhou, Anhui, prevailed in the ancient Huizhou area and surrounding areas, and then gradually spread and spread. Currently, Huangshan in bagsThe okonomiyaki is often used as a gift by people. It is very high-grade and particularly delicious. It is essentially different from bread, mooncakes, and peach cakes, so it is very special. Until now, there is no food similar to it., So unique, has been enduring.

Stir in fine white flour and vegetable oil, choose tender dried vegetables and fatty meat as the filling, sprinkle the sesame seeds, and put them in a special stove, paste it on the wall of the stove, and bake it out. Therefore, it is also called “stove cake”.
Wuwei Banya, as its name implies, is a famous dish in Wuwei County, Wuhu City, Anhui Province. This dish has been recorded during the Daoguang reign of the Qing Dynasty. Banya is a “business card” for Wuwei.

In Wuwei, there are countless shops that make plate ducks, and there are many stalls. Because they have been passed down from generation to generation, they are authentic and authentic. They are essentially different from Beijing duck.The local has brought a very loud fame and boosted the local economy. It is really a classic local name snack.

Wushan Gong Goose, produced in Changfeng County, has a long history. Because it was a court tribute, it was called Wu Shan Gong Goose.

This dish is very common in northern Anhui, and some stores will use this dish as the name of the store.

Its meat is tenderer than ordinary goose, delicious, roasted, boiled, stewed, roasted, and pickled.

Moreover, the geese themselves have lost the food and water growth of Wushan, which is different from other places.